Precautions for placement of simulated plants


2023-04-14 20:40

A simulated plant is not a real plant, it is just a simulated plant made of extremely similar materials such as plastic and resin. Although modern technology makes its appearance and feel almost unintentional to a real plant, it does not undergo photosynthesis like a real plant and has the use of evolutionary air. So when placing simulated plants, it is important to choose the right place and place, and to mix them with real plants in order to have fresh air and a beautiful environment.



Dry flowers, immortal flowers, and simulated flowers also require maintenance

If you want a more romantic home, floral decorations are essential. But no matter how delicate the flowers are, there will be a day when they wither. At this moment, it's the turn of those "never withering" flowers to appear. There are three types of non withering flowers: dried flowers, immortal flowers, and simulated flowers. Although it will not wither, it does not mean that it can be left unchecked. Like flowers, they also need to be cared for. Learn about maintenance techniques and precautions! Dry flowers 1. Dried flowers generally do not require water, but leaf vein dried flowers can be sprayed with a small amount of water using a watering can, making sure to reduce it. This way, the leaf vein flowers become more vibrant. Adding a few drops of fragrant essential oil to the water can also regulate the indoor atmosphere. 2. Dry flowers cannot be washed with water. Washing with water can spoil and fade the colorful dried flowers. The cleaning work of dried flowers can only be done with a low-end warm air blower. It is best to take the dried flowers outdoors to blow them, so that cleaning them will not dirty other items in the home. 3. Dry flowers should be placed in a cool, dry place without direct sunlight. Eternal Flower 1. Do not leave it next to the heater for a long time, as excessive drying can cause the petals to split. 2. Avoid high temperature and humidity; Avoid direct sunlight to avoid fading of flowers; Do not water; Do not touch with your hands. 3. Avoid prolonged contact with clothing and textile items to avoid staining. After a period of time, it is best to use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust, and using a hair dryer to clean is also an effective method. Dropping some essential oil on flowers can make the room fragrant. [Simulated flower] 1. Simulated flowers with silk leaves can be soaked in high concentration salt water for 2 hours, and then gently shaken in clean water to remove dust and ensure that the color remains bright. 2. Do not expose simulated flowers to the scorching sun for a long time, otherwise the flowers will lose their bright colors and become increasingly dim. 3. When drying, it is particularly important to note that the simulated flowers should be hung upside down in a ventilated area and not exposed to sunlight. Otherwise, the fading and fading will occur, and the purpose of facing the flowers downwards is to prevent them from deforming. 4. If the flowers become dusty due to prolonged placement, a soft bristle brush can be dipped in water to gently sweep the petals and leaves, and placed in a cool place to air dry. 5. Do not place simulation flowers in water, especially hot water, for a long time, otherwise the flowers will fade. If it is a simulated flower made entirely of soft adhesive or with adhesive on the surface, it can be directly washed with clean water.